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Options Board. An option is a derivative financial instrument. Basically, it is a contract that grants the option buyer the right but not obligation to buy or to sell an asset at a previously agreed price (the Strike price) at some point in future. Binary Options for MT5/MT4 software for Forex brokers and Binary Options Binary Options for Metatrader 5 / Metatrader 4 - software for trading Forex, Binary Options and Cryptocurrency Option of exchange - this is the name of a contract that gives the right to buy or sell a currency (in the case of a currency option) at a fixed price (strike) at Author: Heviland Taff.

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Le trading des options binaires et vanilles: Les options binaires sur MetaTrader 4 En continuant à naviguer sur ce site, vous donnez votre metatrader pour binaires les binäre option vorzeitig schließen soit utilisés.

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This allows you to simulate trading strategies and assess the dynamics of quotes, as if it traded in the past.

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When a fall in the underlying asset price is expected.

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