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Using Market Sentiment Indicators

Forex Market Sentiment Indicator – Features.

Professional, useful and easy to use MT4 indicator for measuring current sentiment of forex or any other market for free! With this tool, you will be able to easily spot bullish or . Using Forex market sentiment indicators The Forex market has millions of traders, and they will all have their own personal strategies and thought processes. Market sentiment is the dominating emotional condition of market participants towards market directions.

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Le Speculative Sentiment Index de FXCM ou le SSI, montre le carnet d'ordres de FXCM et donc fournit des données sur l'ensemble des positions des clients chez FXCM en temps réel.

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Figure; Forex Sentiment Indicator total volume display The other two displays show the total number of positions reflective of the total number of traders in either the long or short side and the average short and long price for each currency pair.

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Et une leçon importante que presque tous les traders vont inévitablement apprendre c'est que les prix du passé ne sont pas tout à fait indicatifs des mouvements des prix futurs.

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