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The two major markets are the Foreign exchange market and the well known stock markets. Forex vs stocks? well In this chapter, we’re going to look at the advantages of trading the Forex market over stocks. Forex vs Stocks - Traders all over the world are switching to forex trading because of the many advantages of the forex market over traditional stocks.

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On the other hand sometimes it is easy to move or even manipulate a particular stock and even a foreign currency market.

George Soros has been accused of intentional driving down the price of the British Pound and the currencies of Thailand and Malaysia and many stock "promoters," insiders and markets makers have been convicted of manipulating stocks. The old adages follow the "big boys" and "smart money" are usually true when it comes to trading, and large money managers, pension funds, institutional traders, etc. Most active equity traders admit they first look to the index futures for an indication of what the stock they are trading might be doing, so why not just trade the leader of the market, the Emini futures?

Volume can be one of the most useful indicators a trader can use, those little lines at the bottom of the chart are not just there to look pretty they should be used as another indication of the validity or lack thereof, of a particular move. Most market technicians would agree that a move made on relatively light volume is not as significant as a move made on heavy volume and should be treated accordingly.

Since the Forex market is over the counter OTC , there is no centralized exchange, no one place where trades take place therefore, there is no accurate record of volume and most, if not all, Forex charts will not show any indication of volume.

So what might appear to be a significant move on a Forex chart, may just be a false move on low volume and could not be filtered out if you were looking at a Forex chart. Had you bought or sold during this event you may had been notified after the market closed that your trade was no longer good and left with potentially dangerous consequences. As you probably already know trading is hard enough, so why choose a market where the odds are stacked more against you before you even place your first order.

Before you trade futures, though, please make sure they are appropriate for you and that you only use risk capital. Online trading has inherent risk due to system response and access times that may vary due to market conditions, system performance, volume and other factors.

An investor should understand these and additional risks before trading. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Futures, options on Futures, and retail off-exchange foreign currency transactions involve substantial risk and are not appropriate for all investors.

All commissions quoted are not inclusive of exchange and NFA fees unless otherwise noted. Why do the Pros Daytrade Futures? Central Regulated Exchange All ES trades are done through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and its member firms where all trades are recorded in an official time and sales.

Level II Trading You can see the 10 best bids and 10 best asks along with the associated volume in real time and you are allow the placement of your order at any price you wish when trading the ES.

All Electronic Trading There is no trading pit for the ES which means there are no market makers, no locals and no floor brokers and all orders are matched by a computer on a first come-first served basis no matter how large or small they are. No Interest Charges For futures trading the daytrade and position margins do not require you to pay any interest on the remainder of the funds. Focus Many ES futures traders only track the ES market and find it is the only chart they need to follow. Go Short There are no rules against going short the ES, traders simply sell short the ES contract in hopes of buying it back later at a lower price.

Big Players The old adages follow the "big boys" and "smart money" are usually true when it comes to trading, and large money managers, pension funds, institutional traders, etc. Trading in Stock future market is a form of high risk which makes it possible for traders to earn or lose a big amount of cash within a small span of time. The important thing to be successful in stock future trading is education and earning.

One should understand the movement of the market before opt to trade. A single trade can make you earn good or even lead you to lose money. There are various advantages of trading in Stock Future Market.

As there is high liquidity one can earn a good amount of profit. First of all, one should find out his investing and risk-taking capacity because investing in future requires somewhat more investment than equity cash.

So one should try to find out those financial contracts which have smaller size and can give good returns. The future contracts of Blue Chip companies are expensive than the other B group scripts.

Volatility is another factor which increases the value of the contract. Hence it is always better to choose scripts having less volatility. One should invest with a planning in the stock futures market. Choosing a long term or short term goal can help you in dealing with the market properly. You should invest in this market according to your goal.

Greediness while trading in the market would lead to losses. That's why you should deal with patience and without greediness. If you are confused about which stocks to choose, or what target to choose then the another best option is to take advise from stock market experts. These stock market experts keep a global track record of the market which helps them in taking out accurate tips and thus it will benefit their clients in earning profits.

Choose the stock market advisory company which provides high accuracy stock future tips. But irrespective of above all the fantastic tip for stock future trading is to work smartly.

The basic difference between options and futures lies in the agreement they put on their buyers and sellers. An option gives the buyer the right, but not the bond, to buy a certain asset at a specific price at any time during the life of the contract. A futures contract gives the buyer the bond to purchase a specific asset, and the seller to sell and deliver that asset at a specific future date unless the holder's position is closed prior to termination.

Stock markets are secondary markets, where active owners of shares can carry out with potential buyers. It is important to understand that the corporations listed on stock markets do not a regular basis.

QuantInsti is hosting a webinar on 21st Feb, on using financial market data for Quantitative analysis. The webinar will also include a section on futures trading that will be covered by an eminent speaker from the algorithmic trading world. The speaker will also cover risk metrics like VaR and Expected Shortfall.

I will try to explain you with simple chart and make u understand what are the good things about Trading with futures.. This is the Tata steel chart showing past 45 days.. Lets discuss the scenario what happens in equity and in futures. I will enter the market based on my charts and considering i buy at point A on 25th July at and sold on 14th August at point B at Now if u look at Futures you can purchase one lot of Tata steel at rs aproximately and so u wil be getting 7 lots of futures and each lot size is so u wil be getting totally shares for the same money and now with the 50 points rise that we have gained..

And when a stock is falling u can short sell the stock in futures and make profit out of it but in equity u are just a sitting duck waiting for the price to rise again..

Ofcourse there is time frame and risk rate being higher but we are only discussing and looking at the brighter side of it.. But Keep in mind if you are trading futures u better be on the right side of the trade. You can be a part of our free and friendly training group. The Links you can find them in my Profile description. Futures advantages include liquidity, leverage, 24x5 market hours, lower commissions, and a far more efficient use of capital.

This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. What are the advantages to trading futures instead of stocks? Advantages of trading Future as compare to stock. First of all, the basic advantage is margin for particular stock. Futures allows you to go for short sell while stock allows but you have to cover it on the same day which will not give to take benefit of gap down opening when their is certain specific event.

So you can have easy entry and exit points for the stocks. Futures contain some specific lot size which differ from stock to stock. So you can choose particular stock in future as of your risk and volatility of stock. As like to only cash stock there will not be any trade problem like.

Either you will get executed or else not. Coming to charges its less compare with stocks. As there is not more difference in carry Futures. Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with Luno. Luno makes it safe and easy to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Sign Up at luno. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

What are the various advantages of it? What are the notable differences between trading futures and stocks? Is it better to trade forex, futures or stock? What are the advantages and disadvantages to trading futures spreads instead of futures options?

What is futures trading? When comparing Forex vs stocks , the volume traded in the Forex market is substantially higher than that of the stock market. However, this does mean that the bid-ask spread will tend to be lower in the Forex market than the stock market. This is critical especially as your position size increases. Being able to get in and out of the Forex market without worry is a huge advantage over the stock market.

Take a look at the image above to get a feel for the massive discrepancy in liquidity between the Forex market and stock market. Yet another disparity between Forex vs stocks where Forex takes the day.

The volume in each market is moving to opposite ends of the spectrum. In other words, volume in the Forex market is flourishing while volume in the stock market is slowing. Forex has been growing steadily for the past 15 years, while the stock market has returned to pre volume. Take a look at the graph below.

However, due to leverage in the Forex market the profit was the same between the two instruments. As stated above, the leverage in the Forex market can be a great asset, but only if you know how to use it properly.

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They make their money through spreads by selling currency to you at a slightly higher price than what they can buy it for , which are dirt cheap when compared to the stock market. Discover the best ways to find a broker who will help you succeed in the forex market.

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