If you are a forex trader, you can often see a very strong correlation between certain forex pairs. If you are a stock trader, you will notice that companies within the same industries and sectors, or which are based in the same country, often move together over long periods. The iSAP is a professional FOREX scanner, that can alert you when important chart events occur. It also has a sophisticated feature to anticipate important events that may occur shortly before they happen, and give you an early alert.

Forex Trading Academy. admin May 29, 0. Candlesticks. admin May 29, 0. News. May 31, Investint News. Should You Be Investing in Litecoin? Litecoin’s price increased by an amazing 7, percent in , making it one of the most explosive cryptos While some of the more serious crypto hobbyists may be a bit more versed in.

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After my daily analysis I set the iSAP to look for setups in my trading direction and the time frames that I trade in.

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Another bull elephant bar shortly followed bar 3 , and could have been traded very effectively as well using the iFundtraders Bull Elephant bar trading strategy.

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