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As a rule of thumb (and without getting too technical right away), E-Commerce Payment Options can be divided into two different implementation methods: 1) You accept credit cards via your own Internet Merchant Account. 2) You accept credit cards online through a Third Party Payment Processor. With its March acquisition of Paydiant, PayPal is becoming a payment option at storefronts like Subway. Paydiant is also the app maker behind retailer association MCX’s CurrentC mobile wallet. The app was designed as .

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At its core, native commerce solves both issues facing the e-commerce and digital content businesses and organically delivers the most relevant products to the most engaged audiences in the places and at the times they’re most .

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L'option représente en quelque sorte un contrat de change à terme sans engagement. Dans cette clause, les parties déterminent une devise tierce, qui sera la devise de facturation.

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Le droit d'acheter une devise s'appelle un Call, et le droit de vendre une devise s'appelle un Put.

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