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Trade stocks, options, futures and more in one optionsXpress account. Take advantage of free education, powerful tools and excellent service. For whom is this facility available? This facility is available to all the online trading customers. What is InstaXpress? A free, easy-to-use EXE based tool for all the online trading customers, InstaXpress is a high speed trading tool that allows you to monitor what is happening in the market at real time speed.

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BHIM SBI Pay provides the flexibility of making payments at your convenience 24X7 on all days of the year. You can transfer funds using your BHIM SBI Pay app to your friend/relative by knowing only their Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

Once updated, you can track the details even if your mobile is not connected to internet. What is the frequency at which the transactions would be updated on the application? All your transactions will reflect instantly in this application. An OTP is generated and sent to the your registered mobile number for authentication. There will be a verification call from Bank's contact centre to ensure authenticity within 24 hours of activation.

If the verification call is not completed successfully, Bank will block usage of FedBook in that particular mobile number. To maintain secrecy, you shall not reveal the 4 digit PIN number to others. You need to update the contact details in all the accounts through the branch and you can use the application from the new mobile number.

Moreover, NRIs will be the major beneficiaries of this application. Search option is available in FedBook. Customer can tag a transaction by entering the remarks in Remarks Tag facility and can search based on tag. How do I trade using InstaXpress? To place a trade using InstaXpress, right click the scrip you want to trade and select the option Buy or Sell. A new window will appear.

Click on Submit and Enter to confirm the order. All you have to do is while searching for the scrip, select the exchanges you want to compare. For help in installation of InstaXpress and for trouble shooting, you can get in touch with our Customer Care team on Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.

Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. Palkesh Shah email id: Glad to ask a? Yeah, I got assigned 2 of 3 my put spread.. Seeing the large margin number was not pleasant..

Call spread selling in Thor Industries Inc. Today we have very special guest co-hosts: Question from AndersonInvesting - New to options. I use TD Ameritrade but currently I do not like it for options. I was looking at Charles Schwab. Any recommendations for an options newbie? Also looking at AMD puts to protect gains averaged in at Earnings date has been announced for May 1st.

The year anniversary of the vote to join WWI. VIX pops after Syrian attack. New week highs new highs today: LULU craps the bed. Stock market climbs after economic data, with banks in lead. Tesla produces more PR noise. Vol skew gets dumped. Should technical analysis be applied to VIX? Stock-market fear threatens a return, as Dow stares at longest losing streak in 6 years. Options BrokerMadness tournament going on now. Comment from VoiceOfReason1 -Options seems far too complicated - too much thinking involved.

I follow the penny stock community - they are usually dead accurate. Why the bull run will stay in great shape even as the health bill troubles traders. What's your Zombie weapon of choice?

The stock market slipped following Fed rate-hike rally, declining in oil prices. If you had to buy Volatility-which is the best value? Are SNAP options set for strong demand on their market debut?

Fed kicks off tomorrow. Puts trade in Encana Corp. If you had to buy Volatility, which is the best value? An escalating broker price war has begun. The first big IPO of the year is off to the races.

AKA how much movement do you expect? It is a very heavy week as far as economic reports go with a bulk of them coming on Tuesday and Wednesday. Where did February go? Mar 2 - Jobless Claims.

Dow sets sights on 12th straight record close. WarrenBeatty screwed up Best Picture. What is your biggest Options screwup? How low will it get during the rest of his term? Earnings earlier this week. What is your go-to spread? I buy 1 Feb What am I missing? Why does everyone say this earnings stuff is so hard? Like many burgeoning tech startups, Snap warned that it? Rest of Nasdaq seemed bright green.

Question from Richard R. Is this just the current ATM straddle? The market will be closed Monday, February 20 for Presidents Day. This week in the market - Feb Apple did not reach all time highs, but its close price is an all time highs. All time highs happened on April 28, ICE Cool on Options: Question from Game Day Dog - Hi. I am worried about max risk. How is this different than selling a naked option if my protection is OTM at expiration?

Can you discuss the "surprises" or things to watch for with vertical spreads? DIS earnings on Tuesday: Options QuestionOfTheWeek - With so many different Options expiration cycles available weekly, etc - which duration do you prefer? But there is more than just earnings. The Snapchat IPO looms ahead. Time for another Earnings StraddleBattle: Which stock will outperform its straddle by the largest margin?

Call writer in Coach Inc. STZ and calls trade in Pfizer Inc. Calls trade in Kate Spade Co. Lots of earnings on the horizon. Stocks tumble ahead of Trump inauguration - Dow off Another crazy earnings for NFLX. How a one-two, Trump-Yellen punch may move interest rates. Dow drops about points. Who can slow down the Amazon juggernaut? Oil drop stymies the Dows march to 20, Tech stocks send Nasdaq to record, Apple is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the iPhone.

Gold prices settle at highest level in nearly 6 weeks. The options market is not too worried about retail XRT woes, but should it be? First QuestionOfTheWeek for How will Options volume compare? A look back at the year in the options market.

An overview of Lightspeed Trading with guest co-host Kevin Ott. Oil falls for the first time in nine days as U. Will be a lighter trading week as many traders and investors will be taking the week off because of the holidays.

There are a couple of economic reports worth noting listed below. Calls trade in Globalstar, Inc. Major market indices are pushing record highs. Everyone has protection on the brain. How do you protect your portfolio? Vol off half a handle. How likely is the Fed to make an announcement before the end of the year? Financial advisors represent the last options frontier.

What level of options knowledge do you expect from your advisor? The market and everything else rallied. What's the scoop with the shiny stuff? Stocks mixed as Dow hits another new record high, flirting with 20, Crude and XLE up too.

Understanding the minutiae of VIX. The Tao of Don: Sell or sell not. There is no buy. CrudeOil has been volatile lately. Where will Crude Volatility close on Friday? Apple still up on the year. What might next year look like? Earnings after the bell today: Why was November such a massive month for markets around the world?

Commodities are capturing a lot of attention and generating a lot of Volatility. What's your option of choice? Jobs report and the Fed set the holiday table this week. How the "Trump bump" to the U. What is your option of choice? Goldman insiders underwater options were salvaged by the Trump election. There are still earnings being released. Great traders need many weapons in their arsenals.

But everyone has a favorite. A mild market rally today. VIX cash back below the handle. Yellen says Fed might hike interest rates relatively soon. Jobless claims in U. Oil gets left behind in post-Trump rally. Trump presidency raises questions on the future of Wall St. Pharma pop on Hillary loss. Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses what to do when you get called away from a covered call.

Checking back on the earnings straddles from the top of the show. Who will be in the Trump cabinet? Will tech buyers show up? Dow soars points after FBI clears Clinton again. Are certain volatility funds raising election risk for the stock market?

Earnings today after the bell. Which outcome is most likely? Does that mean Trump will win? The tumultuous presidential election could peak the VIX today. Emotional uncertain about the election? Stick to your investing plan. Calls trade in Metlife Inc. The big story is the elections, even during earnings season. Will the VIX continue to roll up? A lot of up, a lot of down, but going nowhere.

Earnings today before the bell: Earnings today after the bell: Would you please share your thoughts? Dow drops amid weak China data and rate fears. Will it be a cold winter? Will that spike energy prices? Deutsche Bank says derivatives exposure fears overblown. Twitter shares plunge on report bidders are scarce. Dow soars as traders await earnings season; Nasdaq near record high.

What is your fav way to trade Volatility? The Federal Reserve releases the notes from its last meeting. There are several other economic reports worth noting listed below as Alcoa kicks off another round of quarterly earnings.

An anemic day in the market. Deutsche Bank does not need a bailout for now, IMF says. What is your preferred way to trade Volatility? It is that time of the month: Exchange-listed options volume reached ,, contracts in September, up one percent from September volume of ,, contracts.

Quarterly sales numbers are strong. Are we heading for Trump-ocalypse or Clint-astrophe? For more information, please visit the Rocktoberfest website. Most indices closed sharply lower. That means the VIX closed higher. Was Deutsche Bank the biggest story of the day?

The media dropped the dreaded "D" word. Crude is up again. Uncle Mike discusses the biggest frustrations with collars and alternatives to that. Vol begins to head north again after a big selloff in VIX on Friday.

The debates are coming! Merkel has no love for Deutsche Bank. Golf loses a king, Arnold Palmer. What can investors learn from his endorsements?

Are you seeing Trump in the rearview mirror? Interesting turn into exchange consolidation rather than fragmentation. Have you checked out the OptionsHouse blog? OPEC meeting coming up, and they invited Russia. It looks like we were not pessimistic enough on Vol Views last week! How will next weeks first Presidential debate effect vol? Wall Street extends rally after Fed rate decision. Fed is perilously close to losing its credibility, says economist.

It is no longer the Feds market, it is now Apple's market. Volatility is coming back! Wall Street gains on Apple, dimmer chances of rate hike. Dow rebounds points amid rate hike debate. Vol explodes higher and the bulls' confidence is tested. Shares of Tesla Motors Inc. It is a heavy week as far as economic reports go with Thursday at 7: In addition, quadruple witching expiration takes place on Friday. August this year was the lowest average daily volume for puts and calls since October Bill Gross says Janet Yellen has "Mastered the art of market manipulation.

Puts trade in Iridium Communications Inc. Reviewing a trade from last week in Big lots Inc. Gamestop, Ulta Salon, Cosmetics and Fragrance. Mylan NV responded Thursday to backlash over price increases for its EpiPen emergency allergy treatment by promising to reduce the costs that some patients pay, though the drugmaker stopped short of saying it would roll back prices or limit future increases.

What to expect from Fed Chair speech at Jackson Hole. UAL , call buying across strikes in Goldcorp Inc. CG , and put spread buying in Big Lots Inc. Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses trading covered calls, even when they are not paying a lot.

Yellen speech at Jackson Hole set to dominate mood on Wall Street. VRX continues its roller coaster ride. Confirmed Monday that it has hired Zoetis executive Paul Herendeen as its new chief financial officer.

Looking out 1 month would you rather:. Earnings highlights for Friday include: New all-time highs across most major indices. Oil rallies yet again; up 1. VIX cash still below the handle. Vertical put buying in Polaris Industries Inc. Strong earnings, surge in oil power Dow to record intraday high. Earnings today include before: Options bears descend on Valeant ahead of earnings.

Traders are betting shares are due for even more pain. Non-farm payroll brightens the U. Puts trade in Tupperware Brands Corp. SM , calls trade in Targa Resources Corp.

Takeover rumor sparks busy day in Twitter options. Options Auctions, offering competitive price improvement opportunity. OptionsHouse is now the sponsor of The Option Block. Not many earning today, but a big week is ahead. Apple after the bell tomorrow. Oil prices fell to two-and-a-half month low. Verizon owns the internet from the 90s, AOL last year, Yahoo today. Calls trade in Crown Castle Inter.

The coup that wasn't. A Brexit swoon boosts US options volume to a month high. Legislation to impose financial transactions tax introduced. Clinton aims "Wall Street" tax at Flash Boys, not banks.

Calls trade in ConAgra Foods Inc. What do the all-stars discuss? The urgency of the Fed to hike has faded away as Brexit further clouded the outlook. Twitter Poll Options Question of the Week: Which products' performance post- Brexit surprised you the most?

Options Question of the Week Twitter Poll: Calls go up in Hershey Co. Vol coming in due to holiday weekend. Will there be a selloff due to quarter end? Will bonds come down at all? Brexit provides a review of pitfalls for options and futures traders. Oil extends decline as Brexit fallout spurs market volatility. Could the Fed potentially reverse course and cut rates? Results due late Thursday night. Tesla owner Elon Musk wants to acquire SolarCity, another company he owns. Bull call spreads trade in RiteAid Corp.

Much ado about nothing? Is that it for volatility? Goldman slashes stock demand estimates. Beyond The Stock Market: Fed keeps rates unchanged, lowering odds for future hikes. Weak Nonfarms number derailed any Fed plans to raise in June. Calls trade in Activision Blizzard Inc. Today we have a special guest co-host: Billionaire George Soros returns as a Brexit bear. Market not spooked by Yellen today. Brexit worry has radiated around world as poll puts traders on edge.

Calls trade in Xilinx Inc. M , and calls trade in Marriott International Inc. Is the collar skew still favorable? GLD vs Futures options. The SEC has obtained a court order to freeze the profits of a trader who allegedly manipulated a technology stock through a false regulatory filing traced to a computer in Pakistan.

What's coming up from the Fed? What's happening with the ag markets? Brexit and pound skew. Should we sell in May and go away? Will anything useful come out of the Fed meeting? Will the United Kingdom leave the EU? Yen volatility surges as Central Bank meetings loom. Hedge funds are not what they used to be.

Puts trade in Twitter Inc. Last week, the options question of the week was "What is your favorite options trading film? A little flip on volatility. Apple is no longer the most valuable company in the world. Will online retailers take over retail stores? Monsanto cheater, could you be more obvious?

Which side are you on? Traders on edge as Staples-Office Depot deal decision looms. Are markets more sensitive to the Fed these days? Earnings "Straddle Battle" pitted Tesla against Alibaba. Other interest in Blizzard, XLE. On the economic calendar this week are the ISM manufacturing index, international trade data and jobless claims on Thursday. Lastly, the week ends with the all-important monthly employment report for April.

Options Traders Brace for Amazon Earnings. Earnings before the bell: Icahn bails out on Apple stock. Nasdaq mulls new exchange to ease trading in illiquid ETFs.

Central bank flim flammery. Stocks drop ahead of earnings onslaught. Traders may just be forced to unwind all those VIX bets. PepsiCo, Hasbro, Morgan Stanley. Options traders brace for another big move for Netflix shares. Pepsi, Chiasma, Hasbro, Morgan Stanley.

CITI before the bell tomorrow. CME traders say chances of April interest rate hike are zero. The fear gauge just hit an all-time high. Turbulence for Delta Air Lines, Inc.: Two earnings trades for DAL stock.

Alcoa, Bank of the Ozarks. Uncle Mike Tosaw selling a call spread against a stock you own vs. Stocks tumble amid choppy start to April; Dow drops more than Ally Financial jumps into brokerage business.

This Week in the Market: The first full week of April and of the new quarter gets under way as the Federal Reserve releases the minutes from its last session. A new round of quarterly earnings is not far off.

March Madness Poll - Winner: TradeKing, which beat Interactive Brokers in the finals. Drawing winners will be announced on Thursday's Option Block. An update on March options activity from ISE. Calls trade in Nike Inc. Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses the importance of knowing your exit in a trade before your entrance. Stocks higher as the end to a rocky quarter nears. Yellen killed the strong dollar rally. Calls and puts trade in Dynavax Technologies Corp.

Appeals court upholds determination that CBOE patents are invalid. It may be a trading holiday, but you still need your Option Block fix, right? We dug through the archives to bring you some of the best of Option Block. This episode was posted in November, The most up-to-date result of our March Madness Poll. Stocks dip, dollar advances in wake of Fed comments. Options traders prepare for "worst of all worlds". Fed scales back rate-rise forecasts as global risks remain.

Earnings after the bell: Question from Alex - Mark and the Options Block Dream Team, I have to keep it going in the same spirit since this is extremely educational and I am still not converted to shorter term selling. I was unfair to ask such a broad question so I will try to be as specific as possible. Clearly theta premium collection is not interesting in my strategy yet. Most likely the next time the underlying will GAP down significantly is during earnings.

Hence I can either avoid the period around earnings close prior to earnings and reopen after or gamble and keep my position through and essentially taking a risk of becoming a 'long term' investor with the underlying being in high 70s and then do a Wheel of Fortune kind of strategy on it.

Speculation aspect of my simple strategy - 1 Volatility will mean revert down 2 I strongly believe that this is a Side-Ways year for the entire US Market including the technology sector.

Hence I believe I can capitalize on this speculation if I extend further out in my short selling. Regarding Baby Sitting question. I can do some low frequency rolling on the Delta. I have done once already. I agree there is nothing much else to do here. Lets forget about Shorter Term Selling and Theta Premium for a second and its nice exponential properties near expiry. The follow up question is which is hopefully more particular: Vol dropped 7bp since I entered but there is room for much more.

I understand that drawing a line in the sand say I close when vol drops to 40s or 30s is a very good and practical way. But are there any other ways to lock in some Vega premium without fully closing on the strategy?

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