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SFP Optical Transceivers


Cisco offers a range of Fast Ethernet SFP Interface Converters. The product portfolio includes BASE-FX, BASE-LX, and BASE-BX SFPs. BASE-FX: SFP operates on ordinary multi-mode fiber optic link spans of up to 2km in length. The small form-factor pluggable (SFP) is a compact, hot-pluggable optical module transceiver used for both telecommunication and data communications applications. The form factor and electrical interface are specified by a multi-source agreement (MSA) under the auspices of the Small Form Factor Committee. [1].

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Perle SFP Optical Transceivers can be used and interchanged on a wide variety of Cisco or MSA compliant SFP products. They can be intermixed in combinations of BASE-SX, BASE-LX/LH, BASE-EX, BASE-ZX, or BASE-BXD/U on a port-by-port basis.

A standard SFP will not work in a Cisco device. However, if you use fiber transceivers, the following items need to be the same as the interconnecting equipment:. The properties listed above cannot be converted or changed by a cable, excluding the connector type. Need a little help getting started? Check out our review guidelines.

You may receive emails regarding this submission. Any emails will include the ability to opt-out of future communications. Cart 0 Login Quick Buy. Where To Buy ConXit. Note how the mode conditioning adapter for Single Fiber Models Recommended use in pairs. However, to reduce costs, or where there are limits on available fiber, WDM technology may be utilized. WDM uses separate transmit and receive frequencies to communicate on a single fiber strand.

WDM technology relies on the fact that optical fibers can carry many wavelengths of light simultaneously without interaction between each wavelength. Thus, a single fiber can carry many separate wavelength signals or channels simultaneously. SFP sockets are found in Ethernet switches , routers, firewalls and network interface cards. Storage interface cards, also called HBAs or Fibre Channel storage switches, also make use of these modules, supporting different speeds such as 2Gb, 4Gb, and 8Gb.

Because of their low cost, low profile, and ability to provide a connection to different types of optical fiber, SFP provides such equipment with enhanced flexibility. The SFP transceiver is not standardized by any official standards body, but rather is specified by a multi-source agreement MSA among competing manufacturers.

The related Small Form Factor transceiver is similar in size to the SFP, but is soldered to the host board as a through-hole device, rather than plugged into an edge-card socket. However, as a practical matter, some networking equipment manufacturers engage in vendor lock-in practices whereby they deliberately break compatibility with "generic" SFPs by adding a check in the device's firmware that will enable only the vendor's own modules. The front of the SFP features a duplex LC connector; one connection for transmit and the other for receive.

Modules with this capability enable the end user to monitor parameters of the SFP, such as optical output power, optical input power, temperature, laser bias current, and transceiver supply voltage, in real time.

This functionality is commonly implemented for monitoring on routers, switches and optical transport equipment via SNMP. A DDM interface allows end users to display diagnostics data and alarms for fiber optical transceivers and can be used to diagnose why a transceiver optics is not working, increasing popularity of transceiver optics with DDM. Generally, the transceiver vendor sets the thresholds that trigger a high alarm, low alarm, high warning, or low warning before shipment.

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Perle SFP Transceiver Features

Industrial F to F C to 85C case temperature models are available for extended temperature environments.

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Provides readable digital diagnostic information for managed gear to assist network administrators with network maintenance and management. SFP modules are commonly available in several different categories.

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