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Sig stock options


Sig Sauer World renowned and the choice for many of the premier global military, law enforcement and commercial users. Apr 12,  · sig stock options, sig p stock, sig pm stock options, sig sauer swat pistol stock options, sig saur p options, stock options for p Click on a term to search for related topics. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Display Modes: Linear Mode.

Nov 17,  · The second is a Patrol with the standard fixed length folding stock. The third is a SWAT with the folding collapsible stock. Right now the SWAT is winning because I will be using a IR laser mounted to the side, and I wont have to do anything to stabilise the hand guards.

Extended it is super solid feels like a solid stock-no wiggle at all. Folded, it comes forward to just about reach the griffin charging handle. Friction keeps it folded with no wiggle. It is a super simple, sturdy and very light stock. With this stock and mfi's handguards, you can get a buis equipped p based sbr down to 6. I wouldn't use a rail system on a gun with this stock.

The weight bias would be very much off. December 03, , I ordered one on the 23rd, but haven't received it yet. Called and they said the aluminum parts are at the anodizers and will probably be back next week. I ordered what was said to be the first one for a Sig application.

It came pretty quickly given the holidays and all. I'm sure that they'll get yours out ASAP. I'll get pics of mine up next week. December 04, , December 11, , The stock arrived today. The locking mechanism is rock solid. There is no movement at all when the stock is locked up. I have and use Ace, original Sig folding mechanisms, and new Sig integrated folders and none of them lock up as solid as this one. The stock is incredibly light. Its a featherweight compared to any of the other stocks.

Its easy to install having an integration system similar to the Ace offering as well as the original Sig folder where you have an anchor plug that resides in the lower which everything else bolts to. The design makes better use of the locking recess built into the lower to keep the stock from rotating. Ace decided to use the stock receiver end plate.

However, Ace fugged up the thread pattern on their plugs so it either sticks out from the back of the receiver too far, or it goes in too deep for the end-plate to engage the adapter, which leads to the stock walking around whichever direction it pleases.

The folding mechanism appears more robust than the other factory Sig offerings, but isn't metal on metal like the Ace adapter.

It has about the same construction quality as the original folding stock. Not much attention to detail on the finished product. There is lots of flashing that could be trimmed off. It doesn't appear to be as good a quality as the Choate stocks I have looked at nor as robust. The two sling adapters look to be pretty worthless. For an area that could see a lot of abrasion it isn't well reinforced. As I can flex the upper one with my thumb it should only take one hard tug to break through it with a standard sling.

The stock stays closed using a friction fit. Yeah, that's going to stop working as the pieces polish one another. We shall see how long it lasts. The hinge pin is a standard large diameter spring pin. Well, I suppose if you are only going use friction to keep the stock closed Like the other Sig folding stocks, the hinge is the weak point.

It consists of an metal aluminum female stock retainer with a polymer male stock extension. Its better than plastic on plastic, but its a hell of a lot worse than metal on metal. It is a short stock and has a fixed length. No extension built in. It does have holes incorporated in the butt so that you could attach pads to make it longer. Overall it is a good addition to the Sig series. Its a hell of a lot better than the original collapsing stock.

It is better than the original Sig folder, save for the lack of integrated LOP change. From what I have read they usually are not. As for weight, and recoil I have been using, and shooting the AK rifles for a long time.

And I built a win mag so I could actually feel something kick. It is also looking to be the winner on over all cots to set up, now if the guy will return my messages You know the deal then with shooting ak's, and the front being a touch heavier.

I run the classic swat just like an ak. Even with swapping mags i don't use the bolt release catch, i just snap the charging handle for the next round like an ak, and you can be rough and man handle it in smiliar fashion.

Thats actually what settled me on the Sig. I did some reloading drills last week and like clockwork, I would slam the magazine in and if I was under pressure, or timed I would go right under the gun for the charge handle. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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As for weight, and recoil I have been using, and shooting the AK rifles for a long time. March 22, ,

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