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Foreign exchange market

What is 'Forex - FX'.

FOREX Bank is a Swedish financial services company specialising in currency exchange services. The company was started in providing services for travellers, at the Central Station in mypictgallery.tke: The foreign exchange market (Forex, FX, or currency market) is a global decentralized or over-the-counter (OTC) market for the trading of currencies. This market determines the foreign exchange rate. It includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices.


The foreign exchange market (forex, FX, or currency market) is a form of exchange for the international trading of currencies. The foreign exchange market is also known to be the largest in the world with over $ trillion being traded every day.

The quotation of a currency pair, which is carried out through the ratio of two currencies to a third most often, to the US dollar. A conditional set that consists of two or more currencies, helping to determine the weighted average rate of one currency. Trade in the market, in which transactions do not remain open for the night and close during the session on the exchange. A market participant, an individual or legal entity that participates in trading in the financial market or exchange without intermediaries and perform the sale and purchase of goods on its own behalf.

The time interval between placing and execution of the order. The minimum delay is an indicator of the quality of service provision which depends on the reliable operation of the server. The figure in the technical analysis, in which the trend line twice fell to a certain level and then rose higher.

Expressed price movement on the downward line in a certain time interval of the chart. Slang expression, which means no open positions on the trading account.

The state of the market, in which the price fluctuations are minimal, there are no pronounced trends. The international financial market, whose members carry out free exchange of currencies and earn on the difference of rates. The Forex market is regulated by the largest national banks with the help of instruments such as: An indicator of technical analysis, which is a collection of five or more candlesticks, the central of which is at the level of the largest or smallest price in a certain section of the chart.

Fractals are used in conjunction with other technical analysis indicators to identify the most appropriate points for opening or closing trading positions. The method of predicting prices in the foreign exchange market, which is based on an analysis of economic indicators and political events affecting one or a group of countries.

Figures expressed by trend lines that are used in technical analysis to predict subsequent movements of the exchange rate. Method of reducing the risk of trading in the foreign exchange market, which provides for the opening of opposite transactions in order to reduce the possible losses from sharp price drops.

Addons for the Metatrader program designed to predict the exchange rate. Indicators give the user information about whether to trade, what deviations of a rate is possible, and also to predict a trend change. The rate of return paid by the recipient for the use of funds. An indicator of technical analysis, which illustrates the nature of changes in prices for a financial instrument for a certain period of time. It is a rectangle, the bottom edge of which corresponds to the minimum price, and the upper one - the maximum.

If the opening price exceeds the price at which the position was closed, the candle acquires a black color. In Asian countries, green candles are used to increase prices and red for reducing. The ratio between the deposit of the trader and the amount that the broker is ready to provide for the execution of transactions with a large volume.

The standard quantity of goods to be sold. In the Forex market, for 1 lot is accepted units of the base currency. Financial resources that the client provides to the broker to secure an open position. Margin size is determined by the type of tool that is being traded. Trade, which uses money provided by the broker as collateral leverage. The use of margin trading is the basis for speculative currency trading. The amount of money that must be available to the trader so that he can open a trading position of a certain amount.

The size of the margin depends on the leverage that the trader himself determines: The difference between the amount of bought and sold currency, which is not blocked by counter transactions. The position set up for sale, but for which the transaction between market participants has not yet been completed.

Open position, which was postponed on the next business day. In case the deal was opened on Friday, the transfer is made on Monday.

The form of cooperation, in which the shares of the enterprise business belong to several individuals or legal entities. The requirement of the trader for the purchase and sale of the tool when certain conditions are met. Thus, the trader notifies of his desire to trade only at the specified price level. The minimum characteristic of the price of the currency. Most often, the item pips refers to the last figures in the quotation. The currency that is the second in the currency pair and denotes the amount for which you can buy the unit of the base currency.

Transferring an open position to the next date. For this transfer, the broker takes a swap. Trade, based on the expectation of a decline in the price of a commodity or currency.

The difference between the price at the Stop Order and the price when this order was used in the market. Usually, slippage occurs when the server is heavily loaded or if there are no offers for sale in the market.

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DEFINITION of 'Forex Account'

Today we will learn how doing it correctly. The currency that you are purchasing is called quote currency.

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