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What does a New York Stock Exchange membership entail, and why is it known as 'owning a seat'?

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We the readers at yelp read review before making a large purchase to make sure we don't get screwed up, like I just did by B&H Photos. We like to see how business perform when something goes wrong. B&H Photo gets an F for failing to deliver my purchased.

I agree with this quote from Wired:. The app interface is clean and intuitive. Customer service is on the lean side, but my requests were responded to within a day or so.

They continue to make incremental improvements. They announced a web interface on November 1, They announced free options trading in December Details on this promotion here.

I like the idea for newer, casual investors who want to just put some money to work in the market. Sorry to be sounding preachy. Buy and hold stock or an ETF would make more sense.

Biggest reason that makes sense however is because of fees. B of A gives 30 free trades per month if you have 50k with them. The mobile experience sucks though.

Anyone know which one do besides etrade? I got approved as well. But until they add options, I will stick with Interactive Brokers. Hopefully, I will make the transition in Does anyone know about their margin account? I was never asked during the account setup process.

Also, what is the margin they give you? In Interactive Brokers I get 1: Their reply was margin accounts will be added in early , and that their current rate would be 3. So, looks like we have to wait a little longer until we can really use this brokerage. ACAT is also a must. Does anyone know if they are planning to support Roth IRA type of accounts?

I open account in Robinhood and iIsave a lot in commissions. I bought stocks 3 to 8 a day and sold it on the next day even if I gain a dollar. No commission is such a huge savings to me. It looks like they are starting release more user. But the entire waiting list is not that big yet. The old style brokerage still dominate. I only own Android devices and got an unsolicited invite today here is the refer a friend they gave me for not paying the Apple tax.

They are just getting started. It makes since that they would target iOS first, as it is the largest platform. Like Mike, Robinhood emailed me an invite today. Same deal for me. For those still waiting, you can try one of these links below.

I signed up this morning, and got 3 referral codes that let people jump the line and sign-up right away with no waiting. Each link will only work once. With this, would I be able to buy x number of shares of say, Google, stock, then decide to sell it sometime down the line, and have no fees throughout the process?

Brent, first you transfer money into the account from your bank account. And yes, when you are done, you can just transfer the current balance out of your Robinhood account back to your bank account. Hi Brent, Di you try it yet? So, I guess at this point this is a regular individual cash brokerage account. Margin account types will appear next as they are eager to make money on margin loans.

ACAT is not available yet, but it is coming some time next year. I wish Robinhood was around when I first started my investment business almost 11 years ago. I have been using Robinhood for about a week now and its been a great experience, I loved it, however all of a sudden today everything went wrong. I noticed that there was money missing from my account. I looked at my total transfer history and the amount of stocks i own, I bought one share of a single company earlier in the week, proving that some of my money had disappeared.

I have emailed Robinhood and they have not yet responded to me. Also before I found out about the money missing i had been trying to acquire more stock. Every time i made an attempt to buy it would give me an error that my account can only close positions. I have the same error! Robinhood needs to do something about this fast, or give me my money back without a fee. I think they should hold back giving out new invitations and making new accounts to take care of important issues the current accounts are having they clearly cannot handle everything.

This is really scary. I was hoping to transfer all my accounts to Robinhood in You are only allowed 3 day trades in a 5 day period. If you make a fourth day trade, you get flagged and you can only do transactions to close your positions.

Hence, you cannot buy anything new. I would love to hear from Jonathan and see what his experience has been over the last few weeks.

You experience with missing money sounds horrible. But on the other hand there are a lot of happy customers from the posts I see on Facebook.

After a few days of waiting, I opened a ticket using their ticketing system, but here I am about 4 days later with no reply other than ones that look automated.

They appear to be having growing pains. I hope they can get everything straightened out soon. Got an email back from them this morning. It is sitting as cash yet I am unable to withdraw it for the past week. No customer service either. Thats because there is a SEC rule that you cannot withdraw your money for certain days because of money laundering.

I am using the app and Apple shares without paying commission. Other drawback is it takes 3 days to transfer money from my BOA. One major drawback is that it does not allow me to trade after hours. Most if not all Companies report earnings pre or after market. Are you guys able to trade pre or after market? I use BofA and get 30 commission free trades a month all my combined accounts, trading, checking, etc, qualifies me.

Their brokerage is through Merrill Lynch who they merged with. I might feel differently if I was paying for my transactions. I can see the value in Robinhood though. It really is useful for the newbie investor, with limited funds, whose just stepping into the big shark infested stock market pool. There are no trade limits per week on cash accounts.

DYu, you are correct. There are a lot of limitations with Robinhood as of right now, such as: Once they are available, Robinhood will be the only brokerage you need. The 3 trades per week problem you mentioned will be resolved once margin accounts are allowed. Stopped filling out sign-in form when I was asked to enter my bank account log-in information.

Robinhood has no need for this. Then, validate that account by telling them the amounts they deposited, and that account will be eligible for transfers. If you are paranoid like I was , log into your bank account right after the verification process and change your password.

Giving your login info for a bank account is standard procedure now. They only need it once to verify you actually own the account. Change the password before you give them your credentials.

After they verify the account, change it back to original password…. Giving a routing number and bank account number is standard procedure. The moment I saw that they asked for this without giving an option of just providing bank account and routing number is when I backed away. My bank account log on password is tied to many different accounts and changing it complicates a lot of my other financial accounts. And my bank Wells Fargo does not let you change it and then go back to the one you had before.

So no — it is not a good thing to ask for this info nor would I ever consider giving it to any online app. For priority sign up, use my referral link. Found this link on the website. It may help some with post on here about the hold times of receive their money to and from their account. Also Android is riddled with malware. I value their approach. I waited for over a month for approval.

I sent passport and SS Number, still no go. Does anyone know if Etrade or other online brokers can transfer our funds and made them available on the same day?

If I buy stock through Robinhood today, and they go out of business, what happens to my stock and my ability to sell it? Client assets are always kept separate from the assets of the brokerage itself. Apex is the clearing firm for Robinhood, as well as several other discount brokerages. SInce I am not an US citizen, I cannot use the app I presume , but I love the idea of getting more and more investing opportunities for those interested.

The more options there are, the more chances for people like us to be able to make money via investing. I have found Robinhood to be good for small, purely speculative trades, but would make many more if the above was addressed.

Have you tried to open a margin account? Download an app called Stock Tracker and upgrade to the Pro Version. This allows you to view your portfolio, make real-time watch lists, screen stocks and heavy movers, and actually ties in with Robinhood to make trades through the app itself. You get real time prices and pretty nice graphs and tech indicators and basic fundamentals vol, pe, Etc.

I have been using Robinhood since March and have no problem. Except I want to be able to use my funds from sale and transfers immediately to be able to maximize my gains!!! You should ask and encourage them to allow margin accounts. Supposedly they are already offering it in beta, so perhaps you could get in on that. How do you go about requesting to get in on the beta phase of margin accounts? Where can I find a list of penny stocks?

Another question I have. Why do some stock symbols not show up on Robinhood search? Anyone know what is going on? For trading after you make a trade can you use the funds that you put in immediately but then have to wait for the profits for about 3 days or can you not use anything? The service looks pretty solid, though, as far as I know, most people have trouble making money via the active trading that no commissions might encourage.

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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Deutsch American links. New York Opciones binarias U. Registered as a national securities exchange with the Securities and Exchange Commission May 26, Traded its 25 millionth contract.

Became the 3rd largest U. Traded its millionth contract. Became the largest US equity options exchange after average daily volume for February reachedcontracts.

Became the first securities exchange to sell its shares in an initial public offering. Traded its 1 billionth contract. Completed its secondary public offering. Traded a record daily trading volume of 4, equity and new options contracts.

Launches its alternative markets trading platform. Stock a holding company structure. ISE Stock Exchange rolled out its york displayed stock market, the first fully electronic exchange to exchange integrated access to options and displayed liquidity pools. Traded its 2 billionth options contract.

Eurex completes acquisition of ISE. ISE will continue to be regulated by the SEC as stock registered national securities exchange and new operate under the existing management team as an independent subsidiary of Eurex. Trades a new record daily trading volume of options, options contracts. Completes deal with Direct Edge. Nasdaq completes acquisition york ISE. The CRF was officially incorporated as an operational non-profit in February

What is the 'New York Stock Exchange - NYSE'

I sent passport and SS Number, still no go.

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Some online stock brokers focus on low commissions, and some offer features for the active trader.

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